Get Involved

To me, music is best in community. Whether one participates in music through performing or listening, the more the merrier.

I do not earn money while composing; rather, my work is done “on spec.” Bringing each piece to life through a performance or recording is a costly endeavor which often goes far beyond what I can afford on my own. The days when composers were supported by one wealthy patron or by the court or Church are (mostly) gone.  That means independent composers like me have to find different ways of funding major projects like performances and recordings; on the other hand it makes room for more people to actively support new music, and it gives me a more direct connection to my listeners and supporters.  That is why I am asking you to partner with me in the creation of new music.

Here are three ways you can be a supporter of new music:

1. Perform it! Take a look at the sheet music I have for sale. If you or your group would like to perform one of my pieces, please make a purchase. Let me know when the performance is so I can put it in on the calendar and report it to BMI, the performance rights management association I belong to.

2. Subscribe to my email list so you can hear about new pieces, upcoming performances to attend, and future projects.



3. Contribute to current projects.  Instead of one wealthy patron, I would love to have many patrons of modest income who are willing to partner with me in my projects.

Current Project

My piece, Daughter of the Stars, for string orchestra, was recently selected by ABLAZE Records to be included in their Orchestral Masters, volume 7, along with several other living composers. It is a partnership in which I need to contribute towards the recording costs and will own the recording, but ABLAZE Records will have permission to place it on their CD and will take care of the recording and mastering process, the making of CD liners, the creation of CDs, and marketing and distribution of digital and hard copies.

My piece will be recorded in June 2019 by the Brno Philharmonic under the baton of Maestro Mikel Toms in Brno, Czech Republic.

I am looking for supporters who are willing to contribute $25 towards helping me cover the cost of recording.  I will send a signed copy of the CD to anyone who supports this project.  If you would like to support me at greater amounts, CDs will also make a great gift! Besides having a professional recording of my piece (in addition to other orchestral pieces by living composers), it will be a memento of your invaluable patronage of new music. If you would like to contribute towards this project, please click on the payment button below. I will email all supporters a personal thank you and also ask for your mailing address at that time.  After mastering and processing, etc. the CD is projected to be released Spring 2020.  Copies will be mailed shortly after that.


Contribution to Daughter of the Stars recording project