Learn to Read Music!


Music notation is the process of writing down musical ideas in a series of dots and lines. Music can be played without notation, but writing it down makes it easier for composers to communicate to performers how to play the music, especially if they cannot meet to talk about it. The reason why we can still play the music of Bach and Beethoven, even though they died long ago, is because it was written down using music notation.

Music notation is a little bit like grammar and spelling. Proper rules and guidelines for writing down music have become standardized over the centuries. Through these lessons, you will learn the basics of notes, rhythms, and other aspects of music notation related to traditional Western (European/American) music.

Lesson 1: The Staff and Clefs
Lesson 2: The Grand Staff
Lesson 3: Systems
Lesson 4: Note Names
Lesson 5: Ledger Lines

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Music Notation Step-by-Step Unit 1

Unit 1: Staves, Systems, Notes, and Ledger Lines includes lessons 1-5, with exercises and answer key. A PDF of Unit 1 will be emailed within 24 hours of purchase.


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