Meditation 1: Sustenance and Praise

For solo piano


Duration 3’
Premiere September 30, 2017
New Music Festival
Christ Church, Fitchburg, MA
Heather Niemi Savage, piano
Notes This piece is not a “quiet meditation”, but rather a gritty one. It is a musical contemplation of Psalm 104 and incorporates the hymn, “Praise to the Lord the Almighty.” The piece alternates between a more repetitive sustained section, yet with some off-kilter rhythm, that brings to mind the normal daily sustenance the Lord provides, and then bursts into loud sections of praise. However, I have given the melody of the hymn some twists which bring to mind the idea that we praise God even in the midst of difficult and stormy times. The piece calmly ends with a C-major quote of the standard melody of the hymn, yet still with the A minor motif from the beginning floating above it.


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