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I was first inspired to write this piece when I hiked to Arethusa Falls, the tallest accessible single-drop waterfall in the White Mountains in New Hampshire. Immediately, I had an idea for a symphonic piece and, knowing the name “Arethusa” came from Greek Mythology, began researching the story – and discovered a story of overcoming that resonates deeply with my own personal experience as a survivor of sexual assault. While enjoying herself innocently bathing in the river on a pleasant day, Arethusa is attacked by Alpheus. In her fear and flight, Arethusa calls out to Artemis for help. To save her, Artemis turns Arethusa into a spring, hidden from Alpheus in the ground. Eventually, she finds her way through the darkness and bursts out of the ground as a fountain, her pain transformed into a life-giving source of beauty and joy.

This photo of Arethusa Falls in New Hampshire was taken by Amanda Kiplinger and can be purchased here:…-kiplinger.html


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