Daughter of the Stars


Now includes an optional harp part!

2nd place winner in the 2020 American Prize in Composition – pops/light music division

“Traditional sounds and scoring for strings: attractive, competent. Has a nice feeling, vaguely nostalgic, leading to a rich setting of Shenandoah which is done so well as to catapult the piece to another level. Accessible to many ensembles technically, and worthy of many performances. Special.” – David Katz, Chief Judge of The American Prize in Composition

“Warm, like stepping into a welcoming bath.” Colin Clarke, Fanfare Magazine

The original version contains a 10-measure section in which the cellos divide and form a trio with the basses. The No Divisi version contains no divisi, and the cello melody in the original is given to the violas. The trio can be performed by the section leaders (viola, cello, bass.) This portion of the piece can also be a harp solo, in either arrangement.

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With harp:

Duration: approx. 4’

North South Consonance
March 17, 2019
Church of Christ and St. Stephen
120 West 69th St, New York City, NY

Program Notes:
Inspired by the American folk tune, Shenandoah, (the word meaning “spruce stream, great plains, beautiful daughter of the stars”), “Daughter of the Stars” suggests the ambiguous origins of the folk tune: a sea shanty; a song sung by fur traders; a song originating with slaves (perhaps the lyrics “across the wide Missouri” were originally “across this world o’ mis’ry.”) Incorporating a wide span of emotion, “Daughter of the Stars” takes the listener on a journey down a musical river filled with wonder and anticipation, conflict and turbulence, melancholy and longing, hope and serenity.

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Original Version Score and Parts PDF, No Divisi Version Score and Parts PDF