Impromptu No.1 for Solo Double Bass


PDF for print-at-home convenience
Formatted for 8-1/2×11-inch pages
Download link available after purchase


Duration: approximately 2′

Program Notes:
This piece is a true impromptu. I wrote it quickly on a whim, as a palate cleanser between other projects I had been working on, mainly vocal/choral works. The piece is short and fanciful, not unlike thoughts that flit through one’s mind and are gone forever unless they are immediately captured and written down on paper. To me, the piece evokes a sense of my childhood, when I would spend time “exploring” outside, questioning and observing without an agenda or specific intent.

Performance notes:
The tempo and rhythms are flexible, though the notes, dynamics and articulations are not.
This piece can be played on a three-string bass.


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