Meditation No.3: His Goodness Faileth Never




Duration: 6′

Program Notes:
This piece, composed in April 2020 during the Covid-19 Pandemic, is a reflection on the hymn, “The King
of Love My Shepherd Is” which is itself a setting of Psalm 23. In a time of turmoil and crisis, this piece
provides soothing harmonies and predictable phrases. Fifths, octaves, and root position chords add a
sense of stability. Even in the middle section which explores uncertainty through exploiting the dark
qualities of the augmented 2nd and raised 7th found in the harmonic minor, the pedaled B in the bass
provides a constant foundation while the melody swirls about in rhythmic ambiguity. Repeated notes in
the transitional sections express the persistence in hope and faith. The form of the piece returns it to
where it began, in peace and contentment, capturing the essence of Psalm 23.


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