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A professional recording of “O Holy Night, O Glorious Light”, performed by the Kuhn Choir in Prague. The piece was originally commissioned and premiered by the Greater Tiverton Community Chorus in Tiverton, Rhode Island. Chorus, piano and trumpet.

The birth of Jesus Christ is a seeming contradiction in terms. God became man. The King of Heaven was born into poverty and laid in a manger. Ignored in the city, his birth was heralded by angels in the countryside. When asked to write a Christmas piece for the Greater Tiverton Community Chorus, I was drawn to Thomas C. Roney’s poem, “O Holy Night” because it captures this dichotomy, both the intimacy of a private birth and the announcement by angels of a worldwide promise that, through this baby, peace and goodwill are given to all humankind. I aimed to capture the paradox of the meaning in Christ’s birth in this piece: it is new, yet quotes old familiar carols; it is a lullaby, yet an anthem; it is tender, yet exultant. All glory be to God on high, and peace, goodwill to men.

If you would like to purchase the entire album, Dashing Volume 3 by Navona Records, please use this link: Dashing Vol. 3 – Navona Records


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