My non-musical life is full of nature – well, as best as I can. Though I would love to live off-grid it really isn’t a realistic goal for me. I use too much electricity, I still use some plastic, I don’t eat everything organic, not *everything* is homemade, and I can’t not wear polyester. Sorry, it’s just way too comfortable, care-free and easy wash.

But, that being said, we heat our home exclusively with wood, and I have a huge organic garden with heirloom and open-pollinated veggies, along with fruit trees and berry bushes. I preserve the harvest and do my own canning. We raise chickens, and I hope to get back to raising milking goats. I make bread, cheese, and wine. I am also a home-herbalist and prepare teas, tinctures, and other remedies for my family and friends.

I love to be outdoors. I like to camp, hike, canoe, ride my bike, fish, or just stare at the stars. Inside, I like to read (mostly non-fiction), crochet, or cross-stitch, and I have been known to pull out my sewing machine on rare occasions. There is never enough time to enjoy it all.

I don’t watch TV or movies on a regular basis, and I don’t follow sports. But if you’d like to have a discussion about love, art, or the meaning of life over a hot or cold drink, I’m all in.

My husband is a pastor (and also a musician), so that makes me a pastor’s wife. We have two grown children whom I home-schooled. Both are now off to college and are pursuing music as one of their majors.